28 January 2018 - Amicus was placed 2nd at the open class at the Winter ExpoSilesia Show.  Fera also got the 2nd placement in the competition of 7 females, jugded by Ms. Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel (DE)

In August 2017, we welcomed Amicus, Tara's sibling. 
He managed to complete his Veteran Championship by the end of October.
Amicus received BOS, BOB and got the 2nd placement BIS Veteran at Poznań CACIB!
Tara and Amicus at the Club Show - September 2017

Two girls and two boys were born on 8 May 2017

(INTCH Alfold-Szepe Berni Amor ROCCO x
PLCH Belle Star Alpejski Sen BELLA)

The parents are HD, ED, OCD, DM free

12 November 2016, Kielce CACIB show
Fera was excellent and received the 4th placement from the competition of 15 junior females judged by Ms. Satu Yla-Mononen

2016 was a very sad year for us.  We had to say bye-bye to 2 of our dogs:  Asta (AOD 11 years, 12 days) and Ben (AOD 9 years 18 days)

31 January - The National Show in Sosnowiec
Asta - BOB Veteran

The F-litter, 3 boys and a girl were born 5 November 2015. 
More info:  HERE

13 September 2015 - The Club Show

Asta (10,5) the oldest female in the veteran class took the 3rd placement!


BOB veteran again!


Katowice CACIB - Asta as BOB Veteran (4 females in competition) - 9 years 11 months

ASTA 9 years, 9 months old at the Dog Show in Sosnowiec - January 2015

DESTINATION NORDIC (Whisper) as Reserve Bitch and Junior of Breed
Congratulations to her Owners!
Whisper is 1 year old and lives in New Zealand

We have puppies! 
N, DK CH Lady Xiera's BOBA FETT "OLIVER" x PL CH BELLE STAR Alpejski Sen
More information HERE

17 August 2014 - CAC show in Gorlice
ASTA - Best Veteran, Best of Breed

Kraków CACIB show 14.06.2014
DAREDEVIL "Darek" took I placement and BOB puppy!

CACIB Kraków Show, 14 June 2014
Whisper, DESTINATION NORDIC - III placement, very promissing

Astaroth, 9+ years old at the show in Krakow. 

Dortmund CACIB 11.05.2014

DREAMCATCHER Alpejski Sen - I placement, puppy class

Dreamcatcher was the youngest dog in the competition. 
He was 6 months old just 3 days before the show. 
Congratulations, Nadine!

DAREDEVIL Alpejski Sen (Emil x Tara), callname Darek
4,5 months on the picture

10 November 2013 - CACIB Show in Kielce
BELLE STAR Alpejski Sen - I placement, CAC, Female Winner, CACIB, BOB!
The judge was Mrs. Lisbet Utke Ramsing of Sennetta's kennel.

WE HAVE 9 PUPPIES!  They arrived on 6/7 November 2013. 
5 girls and 4 boys.
The parents:
ASTARTE Alpejski Sen -Tara and Doremis ZATOPECK - Emil

20 October 2013 - National Dog Show in Częstochowa
BONANZA Alpejski Sen - excellent, 1 placement,
Female Winner and BOB
BELLE STAR Alpejski Sen - excellent, 2 placement

16 June 2013 - International Dog Show in Krakow
Asta - I placement in Veteran Class!

GRAND PRIX SLOVAKIA 2013 - Duo CACIB Nitra, 1.06
TARA received CAC, CACIB and BOB!

CYNAMON, BELLE STAR, ASTARTE Alpejski Sen and ASTAROTH Piękny Ogród in front of our hotel.
All of them were EXCELLENT at the show!

ASTA IS 8 YEARS OLD!  She's enjoying the new privilages as a veteran now :-)

BELLA's started the show season of 2013 with a great success.   She received 3xCAC, CACIB and BOB within just 3 weeks time!

2 February - International Dog Show in Rzeszów

CYNAMON got a title of Junior Winner and the Best Junior in Breed at the same show in Rzeszów, and completed his Polish Junior Championship!

26 January - International Dog Show in Głow

20 January - National Dog Show in Będzin

Częstochowa National Dog Show, 28.10.2012

CYNAMON Alpejski Sen - Junior Winner, Best Junior, BOB and then BOG4!  Great success for his age of just 11 months!  Congratulations to Marta and Paweł!

9 September 2012 - Club Show in Warsaw
ASTARTE, champion class - 3 placement

BELLE STAR - 3 placement, her first time at the intermediate class (and wearing bikini ;-))

18-19 August 2012 - International Dog Show in Bratislawa (SK) Duodanube
ASTARTE Alpejski Sen - I placement, CAC on the first day, and II placement and resCAC on the second day

1 July 2012 - The 38th Beskidy's Dog Show
BELLE STAR Alpejski Sen - I placement, Junior Winner, Best Junior in Breed, qualification for the Polish Junior Champion!

16-17 June 2012 - Specialty Dog Show in Alaska, USA
CHESTAR Alpejski Sen, Reggie - 4 times winner!

16 June - International Dog Show in Krakow
Belle was first in the class of 10 females and she got the Junior Winner title!

Bonanza - IV placement, Berni - excellent,
Cynamon - II placement, very promissing at the puppy class
Tara - IV placement at the open class
Asta - III placement at the champion class

10 June 2012 - Tara got I placement, CAC and Female Winner title.  She fulfilled the conditions for the Polish Champion!

Tara was EXCELLENT at both, the World Dog Show'2012 in Salzburg and at the Club Dog Show in Anif!

29 April 2012 - Opole CACIB
BELLE STAR took the 1st place in a class of 10 females.  She won the Junior Winner title!
Junior Winners compared for the Best Junior in Breed by the judge,  Mr Leos Jancik from Czech Republic

17 March 2012 -
CACIB Dog Show in Katowice
Belle Star - 2 place among 9 females in the Youth Class, judged by Norman Deschuymere (B)

All the "C" puppies have gone to their new families.
We wish good luck to all of them!

20 November 2011 - Belle Star won the 1st place at the International Dog Show in Kielce.
There were 6 puppies at her class and they were judged by Terezja Gargusova of Gemerska Poloma.

Our "C" litter arrived on 8 November 2011
The parents are:

FI.CH. Maglod-Falvi X-MAN "SCAPA"
HD B/A, ED-0, dog-therapist

HD A, ED-0, OCD-0

More information on the litter: HERE