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Agata & Jarek Zawadzki
ul. Św. Rocha 4, 32-064 Pisary, Poland
tel:  +48 12 282 37 75
mobile:  +48 513 10 40 96
There have been dogs in our family for a long time but we started a proper kennel only in 2005, when a BMD female Asta, joined our family.
She's made it absolutely clear that her breed fulfills all our expectations of a pet-friend. She has brought into our family life the warmth, good nature and gentleness in such a quantity that our former dogs - German Shephards and Rottweilers didn't possess . 
As both of us - my husband and I - are professionals in farming, we are using all our theoretical knowledge to develop and improve this beautiful breed. 
We are trying to concentrate not only on the external qualities but also on health and longevity of the future generations of Bernese.  We are carefully selecting the dogs before using them in our breeding programme.  Choosing a stud-dog for our females we are paying attention to the longevity of his ancestors and any possible health problems that could be inherited by the puppies.
We frequently do the health check-ups of our dogs using both, the traditional and alternative methods - holistic MoRa therapy, Chinese medicine and homeopathy.

We are trying hard to keep our dogs fit and healthy and provide them with the life of comfort and dignity.  We also make sure that we give the best possible start to the puppies leaving our kennel to their new homes.

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